Alkaline Water Ionizers

A water ionizer is an alkaline hydrogen producing water machine. When you ionize water, you make it healthier, more alkalizing, more able to clean out the toxins in your body and fight free radicals.

Why Buy an AlkaViva Alkaline Water Ionizer ?

AlkaViva / IonLife are exclusive importers from the leading manufacturers in Asia. Our manufacturers’ Research and Development divisions in Japan, have been improving on alkaline water ionizer technology since 1982. In choosing AlkaViva / Ion Life water ionizers you are assured of high performing and reliable ionizers.

Our manufacturers have created models exclusively for companies such as LG, Samsung, Toyo and Hyundai. While some other brands come from assemblers (often using cheap Chinese parts), ours are true manufacturers.

The philosophy behind our ionizers is based on delivering better performance and durability, by employing more efficient and compact technology.

Our ionizers have been certified with UL and CSA approval to electrical safety standards since 1992. We additionally have ISO, CE, RoHS, Korean FDA and many other certifications. ISO Environmental Management System Certificate 14001:2004 means that our ionizers are “Green Certified”.

We only offer top quality ionizers at honest-value prices.

All our ionizers ship with our own USA-made, UltraWater filters inside. UltraWater filters have been tested, in an EPA certified lab, to show removal of 99.9% of most contaminants from city drinking water. AlkaViva spent many years and significant money to develop the USA-made UltraWater filters. Why invest in an ionizer that ionizes the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals along with the water?

We at Health Forever Clinic are proud to be the leading AlkaViva distributor and part of the growing global network of AlkaViva distributors. We retail our alkaline water ionizers in the USA, Canada and in about 30 countries worldwide. In addition to retail sales we also provide business opportunities to practitioners, clinics, studios, retailers and work-from-home entrepreneurs worldwide.

We offer you peace of mind in keeping our A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2007.

Please consider that:

  • AlkaViva water ionizers give a high and constant output of molecular hydrogen molecules (the antioxidant effect).
  • Our manufacturer has been a leading manufacturer of cutting edge, quality water ionizers since 1982. Their latest models contain 3 new patented devices.
  • The key components of our ionizers are manufactured in facilities in Japan – not in China.
  • Our models offer proven and valuable features – not gimmicks.
  • Our models have a low return rate.
  • Our customer support capabilities are unparalleled, offering you top-notch pre and post sales support. We offer a limited lifetime
  • warranty on our models and a 1 month return policy.
  • We have been importing ionizers into the USA market for over 17 years.
  • Our models carry many certifications including UL and CSA electrical safety standards, ISO, CE, RoHS and Korean FDA.
  • Our models come with a USA produced installation DVD, free shipping, a free pH test kit and manual.

Advanced Smart Design

Electrodes 1

We do not believe in oversized or over-powered electrodes, which are often a sign of inefficient design. Our SmartDesign Electrodes are engineered to deliver top performance, absolute reliability and to run with maximum efficiency and lasting durability.

Auto Adjust

With Auto-adjust, the power can be adjusted to the optimal level for your water, ensuring you get peak H2 performance every time you use your machine.

Flow Control System

Optimal flow rate is critical to achieving optimal hydrogen performance. The H2 Series provide superior flow control with an LCD display for you to select the rate of flow that’s right for you.

Improved DARC II Cleaning

Clean electrodes are critical to H2 performance. Our DARC II system cleans your ionizer with every use. It helps ensure that the most critical component of the ionizer stays free of damaging scale buildup. You never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to complete.

Benefits of H2

As well as giving the ideal range and choices in alkaline/ acidic water, plus ionization, the new H2 Series ionizers create diatomic hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the lightest and simplest element making it easy to absorb by your body. Over 500 studies show that molecular hydrogen or H2 has a therapeutic benefit in over 140 health conditions and disease models. Daily benefits of H2 infused water include:

Increase in Energy – Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the fuel that powers your cells during physical activity. Drinking H2 infused UltraWater helps maintain the high ATP production needed during exercise – providing optimal strength, endurance and recovery.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue – When you exercise, your lactic acid increases. Lactic acid buildup leads to fatigue, muscle damage, decreased endurance, reduced performance, and poor training results. Peer-reviewed research on athletes shows that molecular hydrogen decreases lactic acid levels.

Improves your Hydration – When H2 molecules combine with and neutralize damaging oxygen radicals, they are transformed into water (H2O) – increasing your cellular hydration. The ionization also creates a light, silky-smooth tasting water that is easy to drink.

Incredible Antioxidant Power – Exercise requires more oxygen than most activities. Increases in oxygen can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions and cell damage. Oxidation is literally the aging process while antioxidants prevent or slow down the oxidative damage. Most antioxidants neutralize bad radicals, but they can also neutralize the good ones that your body needs.

Other reasons why AlkaViva are the INTELLIGENT CHOICE for alkaline, water ionizers are:

  • With over 20 patents plus many design registrations, we continue to lead by example. The Melody, for example, was the first ionizer in the world to always give alkaline water even when cleaning – never have to wait. Certain other brands either stop making alkaline water when in clean mode or do not provide regular automatic cleaning.
  • All our models, clean in the background with every use so there is no waiting.
  • Our ionizers use only genuine Platinum Titanium.
  • Our manufacturers ds nothing but make quality alkaline water ionizers. That is why their plates last and why they have a repair
  • rate of less than 1%. We still supply filters for models brought into the USA over ten years ago. There is simply no.
  • substitute when it comes to quality and your health.