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Q-1) What is Bioresonance?

A-1) Bioresonance Therapy is a non-invasive, gentle and drug free therapy with no side-effects on the body. It is based on the principles of quantum physics and is one of the most widely and successfully used therapies in Germany and 80 other countries worldwide for over 50 years. The therapy is known to work with the body’s own regulatory system.

The therapy is used to treat a wide range of ailments including smoking, drinking, allergies etc. Being one of the safest treatment, it is even advisable for children, babies and even animals.

Q-2) How does Bioresonance Work?

A-2) Bioresonance therapy works on the principles of quantum physics. Quantum physics has revealed that all the objects including living and non-living has electromagnetic frequencies. Our body cells emit electromagnetic frequencies which they use to communicate with each other. When a foreign particle like an allergen or drug enters the body, its frequency interrupts with the body’s cellular frequency causing a disruption and leading to ailments like headaches, constipation, depression, weight issues, etc.

BICOM Bioresonance identifies the electromagnetic frequencies of these allergens and different drugs and stores in the repository. During the therapy, the device picks up the frequency of the allergens, inverts it and send it back to the body. The process is known as phase cancellation which negates the frequency of the allergens and restores the frequency of the body cell, thus facilitating healing.

Q-3) Are there any side-effects of the therapy?

A-3) BICOM Bioresonance therapy essentially detoxes the body. It is a non invasive procedure which usually requires no medication therefore no chemicals are introduced into the body. There is no radiation involved as well. Bioresonance is a very effective painless therapy with no harmful side effects.

Q-4) How many sittings are required for treatment?

A-4) Number of sittings for treatment depends on the ailment and its severity. Usually Addiction Treatments range from 2 – 5 sittings of 40 minutes each.

Whereas Allergy Treatments range from 8 – 15 sittings of 30-40minutes each.