Detox treatment

Detox treatment is often called detox or detoxification and this is a process of removal of toxic substances from the body.

Detox is the first step towards healing your body from ailments and helping the organs to function to their capacity. Detoxing involves ridding the body of toxic and addictive substances under medical supervision. Various medications are used during detox to decrease cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. We do not use any medication for detox treatment.

There are few advantages of Detox treatment. Better sleep pattern, Improved Digestion, Decrease in the stress level, Increase in the stress level, Improved mental state.

Bioresonance treatment helps in elimination of the toxins from the body and all the organs. This treatment breaks up the bond between the body cell and the toxic cell and helps to remove the toxin from your body.

Usually it takes 5 complete sittings for these treatments which is completed in usually 1-2 weeks. Our veteran therapists provide a professional consultation to understand your condition and accordingly advise and follow the treatment course.

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    I, Piyush Ganediwala, from Concept Equipments, am a systems integrator of Electronic Security systems and Fire Safety products. Since last 15 years. This testimony is for the brilliant Rekha Kanakia of Health Forever, Who has helped me in quitting my addiction of pan masala. I have been addicted to this since last 30 years. I have had a very hard time leaving this in the past and unfortunately had to start it back because of the server with drawl symptoms, but when I experienced her treatment I could easily quit without any with drawl symptoms from day 1 itself. I would really like to thank her for the magic and will surely refer her amongst my contact spheres.)

    Piyush Ganediwala

    Concept Equipments