Anti-Depression Therapy

Alcohol Addiction is very common in our country and is known to have tremendous ill effects not only on health but also on one’s social life. Contemporary medicine and therapies are mostly drug based and can be difficult to follow. BICOM Bioresonance therapy offers a simple and easy to follow session that enables patients get rid of this addiction in no time.

Like in case of smoking, the therapy works at the cellular level of the body and is completely safe and non-invasive. Usually it takes 3 sittings of 1 hour each to nullify the electromagnetic frequencies of alcohol. However, it depends on the level of addiction. The therapy is tailor-made as per the patient’s condition. Patients are counseled to comprehend the condition and thereby treated effectively.

Drug Abuse (Over Dose / Consumption)

Drug Overdose or Abuse has affected the young in our country. Tradition treatment offers medicines which are again addictive and have limitations. The cravings of drugs like heroin return once the effect of medicine subsides and it becomes almost impossible for the patient to resist. The withdrawal symptoms are deadly in many cases.

BICOM Bioresonance therapy on the other hand works with the electromagnetic frequency of these drugs, identify them and invert them and send back to the body so body cells lose the memory of these frequencies and go back to the normal state, thus effectively helping body to quit drugs.

The therapy includes counseling and various sittings depending upon the drug abuse level.